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15 November 2013

Dressed in Alexander Wang dress, Cokobar London was buzzing last night when stunning actress Yvonne Nelson arrived to celebrate her birthday.

Her fans were thrilled and the fun was on the high side, thanks to DJ Bayo.

Styled by Jason Boateng. Dress by Alexander Wang, shoes by Jimmy Choo, jewellery By Cartier.

PPR by Sync

Photos by: Daniel Sync/ Sync PHOTOS
Let the party begin...Rihanna, Yvonne Nelson and Paris Hilton in Alexander Wang dressYN stepping out of her London i comeYvonne Nelson and RnB singer Kay BYvonne Nelson and Jason Boateng, Celebrity StylistKristina popping away...CokoBOSS and Yvonne NelsonCokoBOSS and Yvonne NelsonAbi of Phoenix Media and Yvonne NelsonYN with fans

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