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The Synopsis.
Wait A Minute! (a.k.a. WAM) was written by Olufemi Onabajo and Nike Taiwo. WAM is a story of pursuit of passion and purpose. How does Joy, a modern city girl, with deep-rooted convictions, cope with conflicts arising from an amalgamation of pressure at work and relationships? Is she real? Is there any chance of light at the end of the tunnel? Directed by the erudite movie director Olufemi Onabajo, WAM, dubbed the first of its kind, features seasoned actors and actresses from 15 countries including France, Italy, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia, United kingdom, Kenya etc.

‘Wait A Minute! Was premiered in London on 11 December 2015

The turn-out was impressive and the cinema hall was full to capacity.
The premiere was attended by a diverse audience because the movie itself features actors and actresses from about 15 countries/communities based in UK.

Nollywood UK actors, directors, producers and other media personalities and movie critics were also in attendance. In the pictures are Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade and her husband Ayo, Ruke Amata, Mr and Mrs Osabutey, Tolulope Yesufu, Danny Erskine, Babs Carew and many more.

The lead cast is Brunhildad Diederick (South African), Supporting female actors are Beatrice Ayim (Ghanaian), Mercy Okon-Jemirifo (Nigerian) and Supporting actor Male Olakunle Oladeji.

The diverse cast in the movie promotes unity amongst various cultures/communities in the UK and also tells a story that people irrespective of the cultural and ethnic background can relate to.

Olufemi Onabajo who co-wrote, produced and directed the movie also played a prominent role in the film. Olufemi started out his acting career over 10 years ago in the UK. He attended drama school and later went to study filmmaking. Wait a Minute is his first production.

Wait a Minute is set for release later this year.

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