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Meet the Self-Made Millionaire who has made a fortune from his 'Wooden Bridge'
Published 24 January 2016. 16:36

There is the popular saying that goes thus “Don’t wait for what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.

One of such people who has taken the saying to heart and has contributed immensely to the lives of the general populace in today’s Nigeria is Chief Dr. Joseph Oladipo Omojolowo, the creator of the wooden bridge in the Igando axis, the bridge which happens to link both Igando and the Ipaja-Ayobo area together.

Since the government has not provided adequate road networks for the people who lives in this area, Chief Joseph Omojolowo who resides in Igando Lagos Nigeria and an indigene of Ondo state saw the need to construct a wooden bridge that would link two major towns together.

The Road Link bridge was launched in 2003 as a footbridge and later upgraded to vehicle conveying overpass is considered a fast link to Ogun State (Otta, Sango and so on), saving motorist the stress of Lagos traffic and money.

The bridge which is fondly referred to as Pako Bridge” is 365 meters long and 23 feet wide with the ability to hold about 3.5 tons of load with a tollgate which opens at 5am and closes at 11:30pm everyday.

Visiting the bridge one would notice both human and vehicular activities in full operation, though a meager charge is being collected as toll fees for its maintenance.

Road Link management stressed that there has been no mishaps on the bridge since it was opened and that the bridge undergo periodic safely check. “The safety of vehicles and pedestrians using our bridge on a daily basis is our uttermost priority.” The management added.

Speaking to a school boy walking home on the bridge from Igando to Ayobo, Emmanuel said: "It would not have been possible to attend school in Igando without the bridge. It takes me less than 10 minutes to walk across the bridge to school every morning. The bridge is helping us a lot."

Mr Omojolowo who is the initiator of the Road Link Bridge has contributed his own quota to the building and development of the country and residents of the area cannot stop singing his praises.

He is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Road Link Ventures Limited and an employer of labor with over 100 staff on its payroll.

He has been awarded an array of awards locally and internationally, including one from the University of California for his innovative idea and was recently given the title of Aare Mayedero of Igando land for contributing positively to the growth and success of his community and the nation at large.

Chief Omojolowo has always said: "Do not wait for the government to do everything for you."

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Written by: Yinka Adeniyi

RoadLink Bridge launched in 2003 built on Swamp land conveys vehicles and pedestrians from Igando to AyoboRange heading to Ogun State via the Road Link bridgeChief Omojolowo during his daily bridge inspectionThe bridge during its early morning peak periodSchool boy walks home on the bridge from Igando to AyoboOkada (Motorcycle) transporting school children to and from schoolRoad Link bridge staffPart of the bridge currently undergoing scheduled maintananceRoadLink, Lagos Head OfficeArray of Awards received over the years by Chief Dr Joseph. Oladipo OmojolowoChief Dr J. O. Omojolowo also known as Aare Mayedero of Igando LandChief Dr J. O. OmojolowoThe C.E.O Chief Omojolowo and his management teamChief Omojolowo and the Road Link Ventures senior staff

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