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Event date: 21 October 2014
Published: 22 October 2014
Venue: Ritz Manchester.

Note and Apologies to bloggers: Sync was on the Mavin Tour bus and didn't have easy access to the internet. Service on my phone was terrible and we could not do a bulk photo release as we normally do, hence we had to send photos to bloggers individually; which meant some blogs published the images before the others. The photos are here now, let's get busy. Lol. Thank you and we at Sync appreciate you.

DORO SPECTACULAR: Mavin thrilled Manchester. Next... o2 London Indigo tonight (23 October 2014).

Mavin and the All-Star-Music-Group showed Manchester how an event should be successfully executed, even on a Tuesday evening.

An exciting and energetic crowd grooved along with the Dorobuchi clique as they brought the true definition of entertainment to the popular venue in the city of Manchester, Ritz.

We look forward to another epic night tonight today (23rd October 2014) from Don Jazzy himself, founder of Mavin Record Label and his Artists.

Tiwa Savage wowed the multitudes yesterday with her jaw dropping, mouth-watering and very sassy performance. YOU CAN’T MISS IT!

Dr Sids dropped one banger (heavy track) last night and I felt the bass go thru the bottomless part of my stomach. YOU JUST CAN’T MISS IT!

Di'Ja went to town with her 'Ahayye Yaro' track. You really want to miss it? No way!

Reekado (Noni) really made the heads of his female fans turn. Chai…they screamed their head out. My ears are even blocked now from yelling. So you really want to miss all these fiery Doro performance? You had better not, else you shall DORO REGRET!

No jokes now, if Manchester is anything to go by, you are really in for a spectacular night. I mean it too!

- If you are working, take your change of clothes and makeup (Ladies) with you to work if possible. You can always change in a hotel or one of the many restaurants at the o2. You gonna have some DORO fun tonight.

Make sure you leave home with your Ticket to watch the show and Jacket to protect you from cold.

You can still buy tickets at: www.AllStarMusicGroup.com or at the door tonight.

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