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Published Wednesday 27 April 2016, 10:48 UK

It is very disheartening to know that some low life, unambitious, gossipers have stooped so low to spreading acidious rumours about my UK immigration status.

It is unlike me to respond to such negative story, but to this particular untrue hear say; I decided to speak up and nip these wagging tongues in the bud.

I have lived legally in the UK since 1996 and was never deported to Nigeria.

Here are the facts:

1. I am a Nigerian and rightly proud to be. I have the power of choice and right to make Nigeria my home at any given time.

2. I have dual nationality (Citizenship), Nigerian-British since 1996. My mother was born British, so therefore; I automatically got the right to British Citizenship after Naturalisation.

3. In as much as I am grateful to the British system for giving me the necessary start-up in life, I am also obliged to serve my country of origin, Nigeria.

There ain't any crime in that, I am sure.

I chose to come to Africa for business and personal reasons.

To those who have taken it upon themselves to make my business theirs, may you find your true Purpose in life. AMEN!

Rumour mongers, If that's not enough, go and book an appointment with the British Home Secretary Theresa May to discuss my business that does not concern you, as I continue to fulfil MY destiny and building brand #Sync.

While you are at it, why not harsh-tag #SyncNIGERIA.


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