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By Daniel Sync and Jilo Katter
Published at 12:25PM, October 31 2014

The high - powered Anne Welsh flexes her influential muscles at one of the most exclusive celebrations in the world hosted by Forbes' 6th richest Indian family and Britain's Wealthiest Men, The Hinduja Brothers'.

The Hinduja's Diwali Party, previously held at Alexandra Palace, has had a long and elusive tradition of entertaining the world's most influential politicians' and businessmen / women; with Anne in attendance it appears this tradition is one that will long continue.

As the President of New World Capital and Vice-Chairwoman of former Nigerian President's Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation, Anne is one of the most recognised and respected women in the world of Politics and Business. Her elegant presence in a sparkly mermaid - teal coloured dress from her own forthcoming clothing boutique, pieced with a glittering white clutch and embellished courts styled by Sarah Olie, turned heads as did her re-knowned smile.

Held in the heart of London's historical Westminster at the Hinduja's grandour $500 million 6-storey, 25 bedroom masterpiece, The Carlton House Terrace, Anne rubbed shoulder's with the world's elite, including Srichand and Gopichand Hinduja, even passing over her phone for President Obasanjo to personally send his greetings and apologies for his absence.

Follow Anne on Twitter: @iamannewelsh and via her website: http:/​/​www.​annewelsh.​co.​uk

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