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Eniola Badmus is at it again: Basira In London - UK Premiere Friday 21st August 2015

Philippa Abraham Studios presents BASIRA in LONDON! Comedy/Drama Written, Produced and Directed by Philippa Chiedu Abraham.

A story about an African woman who relocates to London. Her attempts in trying to find a job and legalise her stay leads to hilarious consequences.

Premieres @ Odeon Cinema Greenwich, London, SE10 0QJ Friday 21/August/2015. Red Carpet from 8pm. Tickets £20 from www.basirainlondon.com

Showing in Cinemas in Nigeria, Atlanta, Houston and Ghana from October 2015.

Starring Eniola Badmus, Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade, Tolu Yesufu and Introducing Philippa Chiedu Abraham.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bltxncZBN1U
Basira takes a selfie: Eniola Badmus and producer of the movie Philippa AbrahamBasira Stars (R-L): Theodora Ibekwe, Philippa Abraham and Tolu YesufuBasira On-Set: The cast and crew. Tolu Yesufu, Philippa Abraham and Eniola BadmusAll eyes on Basira - Light> Camera> Action> - The writer, producer and director Philippa Abraham call the shotsBasira is not the only star in the movie: Philippa Abraham plays her righful role in the filmBuy your tickets, get your red carpet dress ready and let's go to Basira in London movie premiere.Buy your tickets, get your red carpet dress ready and let's go to Basira in London movie premiere.

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