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16:33, UK, Wednesday 19 October 2016

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Al-Itqon Islamic Society Of Nigeria Bestows Toyin Saraki As Nigeria Women Ambassador

The Founder and President of the Wellbeing Foundation Africa was recognised and awarded the title of Ambassador of Nigerian Women by the Al Itqon Islamic Society of Nigeria last weekend in Ilorin Kwara State, at a ceremony marking Islamic New Year.

Mrs. Saraki who was represented by the Wellbeing Foundation Africa's Alaafia Kwara Initiative Coordinator, Mrs. Serifat Funsho Abdullahi, the wife of the former Minister of Sport expressed her gratitude in a statement.

“I'm humbled and honoured to be recognised and presented with an award as an Ambassador of Nigerian Women by the Al Itqon Islamic Society of Nigeria last weekend in Ilorin Kwara State.
I particularly appreciate this uncommon recognition bestowed on me by the Founder of Al-Itqon Islamic Society - Sheikh Jumah Adam Abdullahi Al-Ilory, son of the renowned and much respected Sheikh Adam Al-Ilory of blessed memory whom I held in highest esteem of his sorely missed wise counsel and acclaimed learning.”

“As the Founding Endowment Benefactor of the Al-Muwahideen Nursery-Primary School, Ori-Oke, Kwara State, I receive this titular award with heartfelt gratitude, and with it, I am further encouraged to try harder to empower more women and girls, and indeed our men and boys, to realise their rights to hold and practice their faith in peace; their rights to human dignity; their rights in the society; rights to academic, vocational, personal, social and health education and faith-based learning, towards safe motherhood, respectful relationships and positive productivity - in furtherance and progress of the Quranic command to the faithful, "Iqra! - Read!" of the Prophet Mohammed SAW.” She said.

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Her Excellency, Mrs Toyin Saraki

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